Special Reports

The special reports listed below are specifically aimed at IT professionals who want to learn more about their trade and who want to understand the business environments that shape their efforts.

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Report Title Summary
Sitefinity - More than Content Management Sitefinity is more than just content management. You can use it as a complete platform upon which you can build your own line-of-business web application.
Why Move to the Cloud Cloud computing has gained incredible momentum over the last several years, and with good reason. Read why you should be in the cloud.
Deliver On-Time and On-Budget If you have a good Agile ALM in place, you can deliver on-time and on-budget.
If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail Do you have the appropriate guidelines, ALM, standards, and framework in place before starting your project?
Estimating & Time Tracking Go Together To provide good estimates you need to have good actuals. Time tracking helps you with both.
You Get What You Pay For Don't be fooled by a low hourly rate. If they take 3 times longer to do something, you haven't saved money at all.
Estimating Is Hard, but it Doesn’t Have to Be Do you know the critical factors that distinguish the good consulting companies from the bad? We have a checklist for you.
Is your Company’s Security at Risk Security is hard. It involves discipline across your entire organization. Learn what is involved.
Offshoring is not the Bargain You May Think Over the years many companies have come to realize they did not save any money at all by going offshore.
The Importance of a Service Oriented Architecture You may already be on your way to an SOA and don't even realize it!
You Can Develop Software Successfully Follow these 3 simple phases in your project and you will have a very succesful software project.
Custom Software or Off the Shelf? There are many factors to the make-vs-buy decision in software. We can help you get it right.
Privacy for Application Developer Make sure your coding and database storage is compliant with local and federal regulations.
Project Manager's Survival Guide Know the 5 key areas that ensure you have a sucessful software development project.
Improve your Project Success Rate Do you know the areas that can affect the outcome of your software project? We have a helpful list for you.
The Importance of Prototyping Before you write any code or even specifications, make sure you prototype your new application.
Software Process Done Right Know the 5 processes that will help ensure a successful software project.
Desktop or Web Application? Your user's have a big say in which application type will make them more productive.
What Makes a Developer Excellent? There are good developers, and there are excellent developers. Become one of the excellent ones!
Why Purchase a Framework Avoid creating your own business framework. There are many out there that will save you a ton of time and money.
Justifying the Cost of a Framework With the right application framework you can actually make money on your purchase!
Where Is Your Next Client Coming From? You always need to be looking for your next client. We provide some guidance on how to do that.
How to Hire and Fire Hiring developers is a tricky business. Firing is just as tricky. Good preparation for both is the key.
Increase Your Developer's Productivity You should be using more code generation in your development process. This will speed up your projects.