Developer Utilities

This set of tools is specifically designed for the .NET programmer. Our Computer Cleaner takes care of all the little left-overs that Visual Studio leaves around. Our Property Builder can create groups of properties much quicker than the built-in snippets. Our Project Cleaner helps get rid of extra files and folders in your Visual Studio project.

Developer Utilities

Computer Cleaner

Visual Studio is a great development environment for creating applications quickly. However, it will leave a lot of miscellaneous files all over your hard drive. There are a few locations on your hard drive that you should be checking to see if there are left-over folders or files that you can delete. This utility will help you get rid of all of these left-over files.

Property Builder

This utility allows you to generate Property statements for your C# or Visual Basic classes. There are several templates (similar to the snippets in the Visual Studio editor) that you can choose from. You can also create your own templates to generate any type of property you want.

Project Cleaner

This tool will go through a folder and all sub-folders and delete any \bin and \obj folders. It will also delete any .suo, .webinfo and .user files. You can optionally have it look in .SLN, VBProj, CSProj files and eliminate any references to source control. It will also remove any read-only attributes from the files. This utility is configurable so you can choose what folders and files you wish to delete.

XML Builder

This utility allows you to choose a table, view or a SELECT stored procedure and generates an XML file of the data and/or an XSD file of the schema of the table or view.

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