Keep your Projects On Schedule

Fairway Technologies eTimeTrak is a powerful and easy-to-use web-based time management system that allows you to capture all your labor hours and provide you the data you need for invoicing.

Track Customers, Projects and Tasks

Our system allows you to create multiple customers, multiple projects per customer and multiple tasks for projects. This allows you to break your hours into easily-managed tasks.

Assign Billing Rates

You can assign a billing rate to a customer, a project, a task and even to an employee. This gives you the ultimate in flexibilty on how to assign a billing rate. Billing rates are not shown to users, only to system administrators.

Billing Period Definition

You can create billing periods to ensure your employees are only billing in one time period. You define the time period and can close, open and even lock a period.

Reporting Capabilities

You have a wide variety of reports and report output formats.

  • Time Check: Make sure everyone has put in all their time.
  • Project Status: Show budgeted time against actual time.
  • Project Status (Dates): Show budgeted time against actual time for a specific date range.
  • Billing Summary: Show total billing for a specified time period across all customers or a specific customer.
  • Billing Summary by Resource: Show total billing for a specified employee.
  • Billing Activity: Show billable hours, no charge hours, total hours, average rate and total billed by customer.
  • Personal Time: Show the personal time taken by each employee.

Each report can be exported to a CSV file, XML file, Excel Spreadsheet and a TIFF file

Administration Features

Our Time Tracking system can be integrated into your Active Directory to support just internal users, or you can use our table-based system to add any users you wish. All changes are recorded in a audit-trail so you can ensure accuracy and authenticity of the data.

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