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Fairway sells the same tools our developers and project managers use every day to get their jobs done. Now, you can be just as productive as we are. You can purchase many of our products on-line and receive immediate delivery through your browser.

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Developer Products

As a manager you are responsible for your developers. Are you sure they are writing the best code and creating reusable components and not just reinventing the wheel? If you are not, then why not invest in a framework to ensure that everyone follows the same template and standards. Check out the products below and get all your developers more productive today.

Management Products

Developing applications is not just about writing code, you need solid processes, procedures and policies to ensure success. Now you can use the same processes that we use here at PDSA. Our managerial products will help you create your own processes that work to improve productivity at your shop.

Training Videos

If you are looking for top quality videos complete with samples, then look no further and our Professional Training Videos for Developers. You get full 50-60 minutes of professional training from one of the best trainers in the industry. You will learn .NET and SQL techniques step-by-step in a easy to comprehend manner. You also get tons of sample code to use when you are done learning.

Fairway Product Support

If you need support for a PDSA product, visit our support site.