Fairway Product Categories

Fairway offers many excellent products that help you improve your skills and productivity.

In today's high paced, ever-changing world, you need to ensure that you have the procedures and processes in place to deliver high quality software on-time and on-budget. PDSA has been doing this since 1991 and can help you do this as well. We have top notch processes and procedures to help you guide your development staff to produce software the right way, every time.
Our eBooks guide you through creating Microsoft .NET applications quickly and easily. These eBooks focus on solutions to real-world problems. NOTE: Many of these books were written for .NET 2.0 and 3.5. Much of the information is still very relevant for the beginner just learning. We are now publishing more intermediate to advanced information on .NET 4.x using our videos at www.pdsa.com/videos.
PDSA provides the best one-on-one mentoring to help you and your team up to speed quickly on .NET, SQL Reporting Services, SQL Server, IT Governance, and database design. In addition we offer on-site training of the content in any of our eBooks.
PDSA has long been known for its high quality software. The reason we accomplish this is due to several of our own productivity tools for programmers and IT managers. Check out some of the offerings that will help you become a high quality software shop!
Fairway has created top-notch training courses on various .NET and SQL Server topics. These are not the 10-15 minute free ones you get on internet sites. These are 50-60 minute professional videos done by a top trainer. You get expert instruction and a step-by-step approach. You can purchase the full video and sample code in this area of our product catalog.