Product Detail: From Zero to N-Tier (2011)

Your boss has asked you to recreate your ASP.NET application as a Silverlight or Windows Phone application. However you know you now need to use a web service to accomplish this. How do you take your existing 2-tier application and convert it to a service-oriented architecture? This session will present a step-by-step approach to converting a 2-tier application into a WCF service application. You will learn the steps you take and see why you want to take advantage of this powerful architecture. Each step will be explained as to the how and why you need to do that step. You will learn where you should, and where you should not, use WCF in your applications. At the end of this session you will have the steps you need to migrate your existing applications to a service-oriented architecture.

You will Learn:

  • Convert from 2-Tier to N-Tier
  • Create a Data Layer, Business and Data Classes
  • The Basics of WCF

Sample Code: C# and VB.NET

Runtime: 53 minutes

Download Size: 65mb

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