Product Detail: 14 Navigation Techniques for your XAML Applications

XAML does not offer a wide variety of built-in ways to navigate through your business application. However with just a little bit of XAML and code, you can create a variety of XAML navigational scenarios. In this session you will learn what is built into VS.NET, what is available on the web and how to create some of your own navigations that can be used in a variety of application scenarios. A unique, data-driven approach to a menu system will be shown using XML and XAML together in a reusable user control. You will also see how to use animation and converter classes to create some interesting navigational effects. You will also see an example of using a “Metro” style of navigation found on the Windows Phone and in Windows 8. You will walk away with a set of re-usable navigation components that you can use right away in your production applications.
Languages: C#
Total Time: 1 hour, 4 minutes
Size: 101mb
Price: $30

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