Product Detail: From Zero to HTML 5 in 60 Minutes

Most of the samples for HTML 5 on the internet are geared toward web site designers. However, you are a business programmer and you need to learn to create business, data-entry forms. This seminar will focus on HTML 5 for the business application programmer. Learn the new keywords and the new attributes that make HTML 5 a great addition to your web applications. This session teaches you the basics of HTML 5 focusing on form layout for business applications. You will learn how to use styles and attempt to make HTML 5 generic across the widest possible collection of browsers that are out there. You will walk away with a set of samples that you can use to build your own HTML 5 web forms.

You will Learn

  • What is HTML 5
  • New Elements
  • New Attributes
  • New Input Types
  • CSS 3

Sample Code: HTML 5

Runtime: 1 hour, 5 minutes

Download Size: 95mb

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