Product Detail: Introduction to CSS and CSS 3

Want to make your HTML 5 efficient and easy to maintain? Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS) are the answer. Many developers use an HTML Table structure to layout their data input pages. While this works it is not the most efficient, and not very flexible. Learn how to use CSS3 to build input pages that can change without modifying every page and every table in your HTML pages. Learn the new HTML 5 CSS3 tags and how to create cross-browser support for your HTML 5 pages. This seminar will serve as introduction to CSS3 for programmer’s that have had little or no experience with CSS. Many of the new CSS3 rules and properties will be demonstrated such as transform, transitions, resize and column counts.

You will Learn

  • Basics of CSS
  • Where to put styles
  • Table Layout versus CSS Layout
  • New features of CSS 3
  • Box Model, Text Effects, Columns, Resizing, Transforms, Transitions, Rounded Corners, Drop Shadows, Gradients

Sample Code: HTML 5, CSS, CSS 3

Runtime: 1 hour, 25 minutes

Download Size: 135mb

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