Product Detail: Architecting ASP.NET Applications

There are many technologies that you can utilize when developing ASP.NET applications, but how do you know which ones to use? This eBook will show you how to take advantage of the Provider Model and how to build your own providers. By taking this approach you make it easier to add on new functionality to your applications later, but also isolate yourself from future changes in the .NET Framework as well. In addition to learning about providers you will also learn about CSS, Themes, Skins and Master Pages. You will learn to create a base page class that will allow you to add functionality onto every web page by just changing code in one place.

Goals of this Book
By the end of this book you will have learned to use the Provider Model to build your own providers. This book will save you hours of time because it already includes the following:
1. Example of the Provider Model used in .NET
2. A Data Layer Class (using the Provider Model)
3. Web Configuration Provider
4. Exception Management Provider
5. Cascading Style Sheet Examples
6. Themes and Skins Examples
7. Master Pages Examples

If you started from scratch it would take you over 40 hours of time to develop all the classes that are included in this book!

Original Release Date: Apr 3, 2002
Current Release Date: Sept. 9, 2009
Current Edition: 5th Edition
Level: Intermediate C# or VB.NET Programmer
# of Pages: 178

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