Product Detail: Fundamentals of SQL Server 2008

This book is a practical, no nonsense guide to using SQL Server 2008. SQL Server is a great database and is used by many businesses for their database applications. If you are an application developer or aspiring DBA you should read this book. This book will teach you the topics you need to know to write effective SQL including:

  • Relational Database Theory and Normalization Techniques
  • How to create databases and tables
  • Using Indexes and Constraints
  • How to use SQL to retrieve data, modify data, and join tables
  • Using System Functions and user-defined functions
  • Taking advantage of Stored Procedures, Views and Triggers

Paul has a knack for taking otherwise complex topics and explaining them clearly and simply. Join Paul as he explains to you how to use SQL Server for your database applications.

Current Release Date: December 2012
Current Edition: 4th Edition
# of Pages: 324

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